Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Musical Path

I've been rather lukewarm to the idea of creating a Facebook page for myself as a musician, always feeling it's a bit awkward, but having been told by so many people lately that I should, I've kind of given it a shot:

Ingrid Windsland

 It feels a little bit embarrassing, and yet, at the same time thrilling every time someone presses the "Like" button. In some way, it suddenly feels like I've convinced myself that I am indeed starting to take myself as a musician seriously, which is something I've sort of postponed for a long time, using arguments such as "not enough time", "not enough money" and "not enough talent". But now that I have the time and the money, and people have been giving me a constant stream of positive feedback and encouragement, I guess I've just decided to put it to my peers to judge whether I have the talent or not.

It's healthy to have a dose of self-criticism, and healthier still to allow your peers to be honest critics as well, but if you spend your life with the mindset that if you're not the absolute best in what you do, you are nothing, then you'll never get anywhere. Just because someone else is a great singer, it doesn't make you a bad one. ;)

Since I finished drama school a few years ago, I've not  really considered seriously getting into anything artistic, brushing it aside as something that was unattainable, but now I'm finding myself really wanting this, feeling that the only thing I actually want to do is music. I'm realistic enough to know that it is unlikely I'll be able to make a living out of it, but that's utterly irrelevant; I just want to sing my songs, not make tons of money on them. Don't get me wrong, if I end up making tons of money on my music, that's great, amazing even! But the point is that it would be a bonus, not the goal.

So, I'll continue working towards a bigger repertoire of self-written material, getting it recorded with proper equipment (and not just with a recording app for my mobile phone) and uploaded on SoundCloud, and hopefully one day have enough music to start doing gigs here and there.

In the meantime, though, I'll entertain myself with the insanity of my costume projects and other shenanigans! ^_^

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