Thursday, 5 September 2013

Kíli Project - Tunic Finished!

It's taken a lot longer than expected, but finally the blue tunic is done! It took a lot of material and lot of broken machine needles (seriously, if you're using linen and are sewing it in multiple layers, make sure you have needles meant for leather for your machine, because this stuff is tough, as in "meant to stop arrows from penetrating it"- kind of tough!), but here's the final result, modeled by my very own handsome dwarf!

 I made the lacing out of a long strip of the same linen, hand sewing it into the cord you can see on the photo.

The eyelets too are hand sewn, a painfully long process, but it looks so much better as a result.

The hood, although you can't really see it in this photo, is pleated and attached to a short, Victorian styled collar, and ends in a point at the back.

The gambeson bits on the shoulders came out looking a lot better on him, than it did on the mannequin, so I'm really pleased with that!

I'm not quite sure what I'll be focusing on next for this project, but I might just go for the boots, or in my case, boot covers. We'll see. ;)

Other sewing projects

Life has really been keeping me busy, and I've been sewing all sorts of things not related to the Kíli Project. I've been doing medieval and viking markets, plus a larp, which have kept my fingers busy and here are some of the results:

 This was my outfit for Oslo Medieval Festival.
I made the rusty coloured skirt, the leather corset, 
the high waisted leather vest, and the leather hip belt:

This was a green linen dress that I made for the 
second day at Oslo Medieval Festival, which I 
wore along with the leather corset:

 Here's my brown linen viking gown, most of which
is handsewn, over a chemise I quickly put together
out of white, thin muslin:

For the Viking Festival in Sarpsborg, which I visited 
briefly on my birthday, I used the green linen dress 
under the viking gown with some of my viking bling:

For the larp, I made a two way bodice with lace-up 
front and a short sleeved gypsy blouse:
 I also made this skirt two times, out of unbleached 
cotton, and then dyed one of them a mossy green
and the other a sharp purple:

 I did the same with this blouse, only, I made three 
instead of two and kept one of them white:

 Then, because I felt up for a bit of a challange, I made
these leather boots. Unfortunately, they're actually a
bit too wide, it seems, because the shaft of the boots
tend to end up in one big, crumpled heap around 
my ankles when I wear them. But they look good 
for 30 seconds! ;)

For the larp, I also made this huge, squishy, 
colourful pillow:

 And, lastly, I made a new cover for my Kindle in 
light grey leather, which I dyed into a tan brown:

So, as you can see, I have not been idle, even though I've been sorely negligent of my blog, for which I apologize profusely! I will do my best not to leave it this long before I blog again!