Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Kíli - New costume project

After seeing the first installment of the three Hobbit movies, and realizing, with glee, that Aidan Turner's Kíli looks exceptionally similar to my own, dear Rik, I decided that a new costume project was in order. So, now starts the journey towards a Kíli costume which is to be ready for the premiere of the next film.
I don't have a count for how many images of Mr. Turner's Kíli I have studied now, but I do know I have over 20 of them saved up as bookmarks for closer study. It's taken some time, but I've finally managed to get a wholesome perspective of the approximate pattern construction of the different layers of clothing, and I'll tell you this for free, there's a few of them.

1. Under tunic - blue/gray linen, one layer
2. Over tunic with hood - blue/gray linen, two layers
3. Short under coat - dark brown leather, grey/black linnen (padded) sleeves with patterned trimming
4. Long over coat with short sleeves - brown leather with fur trimming
5. Trousers
6. Boots

I've started with the long overcoat, and this is my rough construction sketch so far:

Because I'm not filthy rich I'm using some old leather coats which I got for a bargain price in a second hand shop, even though this means I'll have lots of seams where there are supposed to be none, but I guess I'll just have to live with it. At least it'll all be in real leather instead of filthy pvc.

The coat I'm using as a base looked like this before I started to flay it:


Then, after removing the lining, it looked like this:


This is where I'm up to a the moment, but rest assured, I will keep you posted a soon as I've got more to show! :)