Friday, 1 March 2013

Kíli Costume - materials

So, realizing that the leather coats I got really won't make me happy in regards to making the over coat, there has been some change of plans. The over coat only has three vertical seams on the torso, and the colour is rather different than the leather coats I bought, so I started looking around for alternatives. I checked out a local leather shop, which, unsurprisingly sported very steep prices, and it didn't seem any better with other physical shops, so I went on to looking online. I found a few shops with relatively reasonable prices (approx. £6-£7 per square foot) but because of the colour being rather essential, I was reluctant to buy anything without having the opportunity to see the actual goods before paying up. I thus stumbled across this amazing guy on (which is like a Norwegian version of Craigslist) who was selling huge packages of ten whole hides for the ridiculous price of 500 NOK per package (that's about £60). It turns out he runs this fabulous shop in Oslo called La Luna which sells leather bags, belts and gorgeous masks! Take a look at the website here:

Here are some photo documentation of the awesomeness I (with the invaluable help of Rik) managed to get home with me!

With this, I will be able to make a proper over coat in leather, without any superfluous seams. I will have a suede finish, yes, but the cut and design will be better for it! Tomorrow, I will make an attempt of acquiring the materials for the greyish blue linen over tunic, and from there, I think I have most of the materials I need to get properly started with this project of mild insanity! ^_^

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