Thursday, 7 March 2013

Kíli Project - Tunic

So, I've started on the tunic, thinking it wise to begin with the innermost layer and work myself outwards. I'm not at all happy with the material I've got for this (greyish blue cotton with a hint of lavender), so I might actually redo the whole thing on a later occasion, however, I can't really move on to the next layers without it, so for now, it'll have to make do.

First off, here's my work sketch for the tunic:
And here's the progress so far:

Measuring everything up and drawing guidelines with chalk before cutting. (lousy photo, I know)

Cutting out the second layer.

Attatching the third (and padded) layer.
Sewing everything together, securing the padding in the third layer with diagonal seams.
The two front pieces with all three layers.

Front pieces attached to back piece and sleeves.

Almost there! Just the hood, hems and front lacing left! :)


  1. Hello! I'm also trying to recreate a Kili costume for the premier. Your blog is very helpful!
    As far as the tunic, I'm a little confused about your layers. There are three layers used for the decorative pieces? Do you happen to have a pattern or have you sort of made yours up?

    1. Hi, Epiphany! Awesome! It's such an amazing costume, and I'm glad my blog can help you out. :)

      What I mean when talking about layers is the layers of clothing on the torso; the tunic, the leather jacket or under coat and the leather over coat. I don't really do patterns, so everything I make is kind of done on the spot, using only eye measure, measuring tape and experience from previous projects. :)

      On my "Mark 2 Tunic", the one I'll make out of the linen I got hold of, I will probably be using three layers for the gambeson piece on the shoulders. ;)

    2. Oh! Ok I see now! :) You have such amazing talent! My sister and I are planning to go as Fili and Kili, so we are working through this project as best we can together. We've started with the tunics as, if worse comes to worse, we can hopefully pull of the characters with them. You will probably hear from me as you progress as you are just so helpful! ^_^ Thank you!!

    3. Aww! Thank you! ^_^

      Cool that you're dressing up with your sister! Proper siblings, like! I'll probably try to make a Taurielesque costume for myself if I get the time. ^_^

      Glad to be of help! You'll have to show me some photos of the results when you've finished your costumes! :)