Saturday, 24 September 2011

Autumn Leaves

Golden colours everywhere! Summer left a good few weeks ago and the trees have started shedding flakes of yellow and red. Slowly, we've been shedding off the life in our old, run-down apartment after finding a new, bigger and better one. This one is much closer to work for both of us, and after the treatment Rik and a friend of ours have been giving it, renovating everything with paint and brush. I did a little bit as well, but the blokes deserve the credit for it! So now, we're in the process of moving all our things from the old place to the new, and revelling in the fact that for once, we actually have room for everything!

So, it's Saturday, the last one we have before the lease of the old flat runs out, and I had to work today. That alone didn't offer the best start of the morning, and the lack of anything to eat but some cheese did not help. So having been rather grumpy and a little stressed, I trotted off towards work. As I came up by the Physics building at the University Campus, I noticed a little sparrow sitting on the ground. It must have been quite young, 'cause it still had a lot of it's baby fluff. I slowly approached it, expecting it to fly off as I got closer, but it just sat there, most likely terrified, even when I stood only a few inches away. I got a bit concerned, because it was in the middle of the road, and although there are very few cars coming down that stretch on Saturdays, it would most likely be run over if one happened come by.

So, very slowly, I lowered my hand, carefully nudging my fingers underneath it's feet so it clambered onto them. The poor little thing pooped in fright as I slowly lifted it up and carried it to the closest tree. There, I let it clamber onto a branch and watched it scramble along it (most likely glad to get away from that big, scary thing).

It was a small thing, but it really made my day! And hopefully the little bird will survive untill it's learned how to master the use of it's wings. :)




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