Friday, 4 March 2011

The Truth About Our Bathroom

We have known since we moved in that the bathroom probably could need some fixing but I didn't really know how bad it was until now.

As was getting dressed this morning, someone knocked on our door. I thought at first it was someone knocking at the wrong door (it happens now and then), but then there was another knock. Rushing to get at least half decent, I found some men outside, one of them saying he was the plumber and he was going to remove the bath tub and have a shower cabinet fitted. I remember Rik mentioning that the landlord was planning to do this at one point, but we had never been given a definite date. Luckily, I've got some overtime worked up, allowing me to take the day off, and about an hour ago, the two other blokes (not the plumber) turned up and got the bathtub out.

Now I was prepared for flaking paint (yes, some idiot thought it a good idea to paint over the tiles on the floor), but the sight that met me was a bit more nasty than I had expected. It seems damp might have gotten into the wall, or at least the wallpaper, and the flaking paint made it close to impossible to clean the floor (although I made a hearty attempt). The piping is a mess and the drain is a catastophe.

Although a shower cabinet certainly will make it a little bit easier to clean the floor, I suspect the whole room needs to be re-done; tiles ripped out and replaces, walls stipped and tiled, if possible. To give you an idea, here's my documentation photos that will shortly be sent to the landlord:

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